Rminds is growing!

Rminds has been fortunate to continue gaining clients, and this has enabled us to expand by acquiring Prabhas Technologies.  Prabhas, like Rminds, has been led by experienced industry executives, and their entrepreneurial approach mirrors ours.

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Odoo Partnership

Rminds has developed multiple projects on the open-source ERP platform Odoo(formerly OpenERP). As we grow, we’ve entered into partnership with Odoo to allow our team, and our customers, to have access to the latest modules, connectors, and development tools for this robust platform. Enterprise-level ERP at a fraction of the prices of legacy platforms. Rminds has made it official! With more access to the latest advancements in open-source ERP, we are the ideal partner to deliver cost-effective, mission-critical solutions for your core business operations. Contact us to learn more.

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Entrepreneurial IT

We mention entrepreneurship a lot at Rminds, because we see the opportunities for using technology to improve businesses all the time, and our first questions to our clients tend to focus on the business outcomes rather than the technology. We look beyond the project, and in many cases we partner with the client to actively take the concept to market. See an opportunity, but need a technology partner to make it a reality? Rminds is the perfect partner. Contact us today to discuss your ideas.

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Next Generation Staffing

Rminds has been providing staffing solutions to the industry for over 10 years, and we’ve evolved our service to closely align with the business-requirements of our clients. Our team learns the culture and infrastructure of our client, and represents that accurately to the candidates, while also evaluating technical competency and cultural alignment. Our approach brings qualified candidates, pre-screening and evaluation, and time-saving services in one competitive package. Learn more about how Rminds’ unique staffing and recruiting model improves effective hiring of technical resources. Get the people you need quickly, with technical, behavioral, and cultural screening. Contact us to see how we can help.

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Rminds was created to provide high-quality IT projects, with the same global capabilities as a large firm, with the intimate customer service of a local business. Using our expertise in world class project delivery, Rminds executes small departmental projects, large scale implementations, cutting-edge design and development, and futuristic online applications Have a project you want to discuss? With over 50 years of combined project management experience, Rminds’ has developed rock-solid delivery capabilities for IT projects large or small. Click here to learn more.

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Our Team






Director - Finance & Administration


Senior Vice President

    • We understand the challenges faced by Corporate Executives when dealing with technology. How do you find and keep good people? How do you find a trusted partner to execute high-quality projects on time and on budget? How do you visualize, create and deploy innovative platforms and solutions?
    • Rminds was founded to answer these questions. Our founders helped build one of the largest IT providers in the world, and have experience with Fortune 500, startup and medium enterprise businesses to understand the value of true partnership with a client.
    • Contact us today to discuss your challenge.
Rminds History

Rminds History

About Us Evolution From Staffing to Entrepreneurial IT We’ve come

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TechWeek Info

TechWeek Info

Rminds is attending Dallas Techweek October 30-November 3rd.   This event

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Recruiting is Hard

Recruiting is Hard

Technology is Driving Business - Where are the Technologists? Once

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