Bussiness is technology

We drive technology-enabled transformation to achieve specific business goals around growing revenue, reducing costs, enhancing supply chain efficiency, getting closer to customers, superior relationship management etc. Team Rminds possesses the expertise to help customers navigate both legacy and new technologies and strike a pragmatic balance.

Value through innovative co-creation

Our customers expect cost-efficient, reliable and high-quality services. Rminds rely on innovation, use of open source platforms and co-creation and not on cutting corners to meet the customer expectations.Our ability to co-create value for our customers plays out at two levels:

1.The software assets we develop can well be a recurring revenue source for our customers when they refer them to their peers and others.
2.By quickly incorporating suggestions/feedback from various customer stakeholders, we reduce the time needed for such input to become part of the system this drives business value by making life easier for stakeholders and hence fostering adoption and loyalty.

We value both results and relationships

All our client relationships and projects have an executive sponsor from the leadership group to ensure that the relationship or project gets constant attention at the highest level. In turn, this ensures unrelenting focus on the promised outcomes as well as timely risk management.

Through our trustworthiness, objectivity, ability to envision solutions and bring them to life and overall quality of experience and value delivered, we forge long-term relationships with each one of our customers. We firmly believe that the spirit of customer partnership transcends contractual clauses. Many customers are also friends, neighbors and members of our communities. This makes our bonds extra special, so we go the extra mile for every customer. Experience us and we are sure you will agree!

Cost savings from remote sourcing

Certain stages of IT projects can be delivered more cost-efficiently on a remote basis. Rminds offers remote sourcing options that leverage its team of India-based programmers and other technical experts to complement our on-site specialists. Depending on the scale of work, we can even create a dedicated development center.

Better understanding, superior fulfilment

Given our own experience in hiring talent both at Rminds and in previous organizations and our conscious efforts to engage with Hiring Managers, we understand the nuances of project requirements better. This enables us to find people who fit better in terms of skills, experience and attitude.

Flexible engagement models

We offer customers the flexibility to choose the model that will make most sense for them in terms of time, cost, risk and management bandwidth.
We engage with our customers in multiple modes:

1.Consulting (where we advise businesses on how best to use Information Technology to meet their business objectives)
2.Project services (where we take complete responsibility for Application Development, Maintenance, ERP, E-Commerce, Mobile, Analytics, Cloud etc.); and Staff augmentation (placement, contract staff and contract-to-hire), where Rminds provides specific resource capacity for defined periods of time.
3.Customers have the choice of engaging in project service, center of excellence or staffing mode (contract hiring, placements or contract-to-hire) and the flexibility to switch from one to another based on various parameters highlighted in the given image below

 Meet Our Leadership Team

Rminds brings together an accomplished team from world’s leading IT Services companies with diverse technology exposure. The team shares a deep understanding of the challenges and needs facing IT implementations, as well as a commitment to make a positive impact

Sreenivas B. Asuri


Sudha Kamarsu


Deva Sundararajan


Mark Morrison


Eugene Allen

IT Infrastructure support specialist

Sanjay Ankolikar

Director India Operations