Designed to deter, defend and combat cyber threats

Secure your digital experience with ability to maintain fail-safe security. Cyber Security is a must have for each and every business regardless of size and industry. We believe in taking proactive approach that is both defensive and offensive strategies to combat cyber threats and avoid business disruption.  We take this comprehensive approach from ground up IT architecture as well as managing your infrastructure and systems through our Managed IT offerings.

The impact of security breaches can be very broad from damage to reputation and brand, erosion of customer trust, loss of revenue, customer attrition, or difficulty attracting new customers among others.

Many mid-size companies can be vulnerable due to the complexity of technology environment and budget constraints to have in house expertise of a cyber security team.

We assist you in ensuring cyber security of IT Infrastructure. Our services include Defining Security Strategy, Risk Assessment, Information security governance and compliance.

There are variety of cyber risks as indicated below:
Our expert consultants can work with you to:
  • Define a security strategy that encompasses both cloud and on-premise infrastructure
  • Cloud Architecture Reviews – Review your cloud security architecture and prioritize security measures
  • Cloud Security Assessments -Assess your cloud-based systems for vulnerabilities to minimize cyber risk
RMinds cyber security expert team provide risk assessment of your IT infrastructure in several ways.
Defensive Risk Assessment
Technology Risk Assessment With Reference To Standards
Offensive  Risk Assessment
  1. Vulnerability Management : assessment & remediation Identification, assessment  and remediation of vulnerabilities within your  IT infrastructure and services
  2. Security Architecture Review: Detailed analysis of your infrastructure & services against the best practices
  3. Information Security, Policy, Procedures and Guidelines: Customized business practices as per industry best standards such as ISO27001
  4. Design & Implementation Service: Providing vendor agnostic solutions to help you design and implement information security solutions.

Information Security Compliance assessment can be done either with reference to below standards or based on industry best practices

    1. PCI Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS)
    2. ISO 27001
    3. HIPAA
    4. NIST 800-53
    5. GDPR and other regional privacy and Data Protection Acts.
  1. Network Penetration Testing:Focusing on the exposed services, networks, and configurations, penetration testing (also known as Ethical Hacking) simulates an attacker attempting to gain access to a network and its services
  2. Application Penetration Testing:Analyze the logic and operation of exposed applications as an attacker would to attempt to access sensitive data, compromise a system, or bypass logic controls (also known as Ethical Hacking)
  3. Social Engineering Exercises:Comprises of Email Based Phishing Campaigns, Email Targeted Malware Campaigns (APT),Phone Based Phishing to prevent psychological manipulation of people(employees) into performing actions to divulge confidential information.A type of confidence trick for the purpose of information gathering, fraud, or system access.
IT Infrastructure Assessment areas covered:
  • Identity & Access management
  • Business continuity Management
  • Data loss prevention
  • Data Privacy
  • Software Asset management and license management
  • Legal Compliance review
  • System vulnerability
  • Application assessment
  • Mobile Application assessment

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Tips for the sound strategy include negotiating entry & exit terms upfront, contract review for auto-renewal, select backup vendor, keep on-premise options open and design portable applications.