Open source Solution Implementation for Insurance Broker

Business Challenge

A leading insurance brokerage firm offers a variety of products from a variety of insurance carriers, requiring their brokers to access multiple systems to generate quotes.

  • Agents were requiring extensive training and support to generate quotes
  • Quoting accuracy and timeliness were a challenge
  • Any addition of products created time-consuming complexities


  • Open Source (Odoo) Cloud-based environment (AWS)
  • Automated Interface to Insurance carriers
  • Automated Quote to bind process within minutes

Rminds Solution

  • Rminds used Odoo to build a flexible system to allow agents to generate quotes from a single log-in
    • Products can be added/removed easily
    • Email communications integrated
    • Simple workflow minimizes training requirements
    • Cloud-based support for reduced cost
  • Integrated communications with insurance carriers
  • Single source of data
  • Improved UI/UX

Specific Business Benefits        

  • Agent support costs drastically reduced
  • Automated integration with insurance carriers
  • Client responsiveness dramatically improved
  • Quick launching of new product offerings