Provide Comprehensive Infrastructure Management Services With Reliability, Scalability And Efficiency

Rminds Infrastructure support provides necessary agility and speed to ensure high available environment for your digital business. Legacy IT infrastructure and operations and traditional data center architectures are not sufficient to meet digital business demands. The IT infrastructure is a backbone of today’s business and needs to be supported by teams.

Our suite of infrastructure services covers Data Center, End User, Service Desk, Network, Cloud, System Integration, Infrastructure Engineering and Open Source Services.


Digital disruption has affected companies of all types and sizes and in all industries. It comes down to accelerating your move to cloud services, adopting to new technologies to create competetive advantage.

Our IT Infrastructure assessment is an examination of your complete environment. We highlight opportunities to improve operations and arm you with the knowledge and context you need to create an effective remediation plan to move forward with confidence

Our Assessment Methodology:
Our infrastructure services are broadly categorized as under:
Our typical service management framework is aligned with industry best practices:

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Cyber security remains a major concern
Cybersecurity continues to be a top priority of many mid-size companies. Across all sectors cyber threats are growing in number and complexity. Many of the mid-size companies can’t recruit internal talent needed for stronger defense Cloud based offerings also are becoming more attractive
As-a-Service consumption for everything from software to hardware
Buyers are not increasingly preferring consumption-based pricing models. The pattern is moving to hardware. This shift from capital investments to operational expenditures help reduce risk, cost and increase flexibility.
Serverless computing is gaining momentum
New emerging software architecture patterns (FPaaS) are promising to eliminate the need for infrastructure provisioning and management. Serverless doesn’t replace containers or VMs but can support requirements for utility logic, surge in demand.