Recruiting is Hard

Mar 14, 2017

Technology is Driving Business – Where are the Technologists?

Once upon a time, a business executive would identify an initiative, and send forth a team to build the technology to support that effort. The resources weren’t necessarily plentiful, but skillsets tended to be broader and more general to the need, i.e. Java or Visual Basic would be used to build standard applications that supported a portal, or reporting application, or some other general-use application.

Today, technology is driving the business process. Mobile applications, interactive web experiences, and cloud-based design put much more emphasis on finding specialties amongst technical resources. While recruiting has always been hard, these new realities put a premium on getting the right fit for your teams.

Now recruiting is really hard!  IT is busy running the technology that serves as the backbone for the business, and constantly innovating to improve operations and HR gets the responsibility for finding the right person to fill a role. HR has its hands full with developing and retaining employees as it is and HR people typically don’t have the technical background to adequately evaluate candidates, so they rely on keyword searches to find candidates, and send those people for IT to evaluate. The IT people, pressed for time, then have to evaluate a large number of candidates in a short amount of time, limiting how much they can truly evaluate the person on how they fit into a project team. A typical hiring process takes 6 months in today’s environment, assuming the right candidate is available and willing to wade through the process.

How we do & what we do?

At RMinds, our management has over 60 years of combined experience building technical teams, whether for our internal projects, our client-led projects, or fulfilling our client’s’ team needs.  We know how to address today’s resource shortage, and quickly get our clients’ needs filled.

We’ve shortened the recruitment and review process because we have the technical expertise to quickly evaluate candidates, including how they fit in with team cultures. We’ve built an end-to-end process to bridge the gap between identifying a need, evaluating options, interviewing, negotiations, and hiring. And we use this process for our business, too, so we depend on the process as much as our clients do.  At RMinds, we do application development, ERP implementations, entrepreneurial application development, and mission-critical business systems. We need good people, quickly, so we use our system to support our business.

Before RMinds, our management was responsible for staffing and managing IT initiatives around the world, including executive management, visionary leaders, project and program managers, and technologists of all levels.  We’ve brought this knowledge with us, and delivered the same quality to our RMinds clients.  We’ve placed executives, developers, contractors, contract-to-hire, direct placements and just about every other scenario imaginable.

As an added value, we’ve developed models to allow the IT teams to get on with their projects, with experienced resources, while the formal recruitment process takes its course. We know the complications that arise, when IT needs a resource urgently and keeps coming back to HR for constant updates on their progress. We’ve dedicated our recruiting practice to reducing headaches, and allowing today’s technology-led initiatives to go forward smoothly.

We’ve seen this scenario many times, where IT needs a technical resource with little or no warning. HR is asked to locate a person, and starts the process, and the project has to wait until the position is filled.  In our model, we provide a temporary, remote resource, to begin the project in a very short timeframe, while we identify, interview, evaluate and vet a long-term candidate. IT can get on with the project, then seamlessly transition to a permanent resource. We’ve developed a system to enable the entire process with a single transaction, saving HR time and money, and supporting the IT timetable as well.

Why we do & what we do?

RMinds is led by experienced people who solve problems using technology, by a group of senior executives who have built global software delivery organizations. Our mindset has always been, identify a business opportunity and pursue it by using technology.

We understand how difficult it is to find good people, who fit with the project culture and technology needs. We have our own development teams, technical employees and technology requirements, and we simply designed the ideal system for our needs.  This system, our people and our processes are designed to quickly, painlessly, efficiently and cost-effectively get the right person for the job. Our clients benefit from this process as much as we benefit with our projects.