Evolution From Staffing to Entrepreneurial IT


We’ve come so far, so far…

One of my favorite things to do when meeting new people is to hear their story.  I like to know where people came from, where they’ve been, and what they’ve done.  We are all a culmination of our experiences.  The same goes for companies.  Rarely does a 10-year-old company look exactly like their original business plan.

Rminds is no different.  Originally, the company was founded as a simple staffing firm.  Find good talent, and match them with open positions.  Fortunately, the business model was sound, the right people were found, and the clients were happy.   As with any good relationship, we became indispensable to our clients, and our services grew.  We began providing permanent placements, pre-screening and executive search because we delivered.  Now we provide “Placement Sourcing”, serving as a de facto HR department for clients large and small.  We’ve placed personnel from Developers, Analysts, and Technicians; to Executive Vice Presidents in areas such as Cybersecurity.

The First Evolution

In 2014, Rminds merged with UI Business.  UI was founded by 2 ex-Infosys executives to connect businesses across the globe with buyers and sellers.  The majority of these transactions involved technology and technology projects.   UI brought the IT delivery capability to Rminds’ portfolio since clients were asking for help with their internal projects, while also building their IT capabilities.

The expanded company began providing services to a larger client base, beginning with small projects and evolving to larger systems.  The recruiting engine from Rminds kicked in to enable the project teams to grow quickly, and increase the technological capabilities of the people who build the solutions.  Rminds had become a trusted partner to our clients, providing staffing, placement, technology development, and technology consulting.

Taking it to the Next Level

Shortly after the integration, we signed a new client in the education industry.  The original scope involved building a system to support advanced education students to track progress in their degree plans.  What became apparent, to both our client and Rminds, was the lack of any similar solution in the industry.  We embarked on a relationship to deliver this solution to other educational institutions across the country,  The concept of Entrepreneurial IT was born.

At about the same time, our clients began asking for more enterprise-level solutions.  One client needed a true ERP solution to run their global business.   We pride ourselves on focusing on the business metrics to judge our solutions, which includes cost, so we explored using open-source technology to deliver an answer quickly, cost-effectively.   We chose Odoo as the platform, and that experience led us to strategically enter into a formal partnership with them.  We’re now supporting a variety of clients on the platform, and have a dedicated Center of Excellence.

Rminds expanded again, by bringing on another former Infosys Executive with experience in the private equity and startup industries.  We began actively looking for partners to conceptualize solutions for new markets.  We developed a methodology to work with business-oriented visionaries, where we leverage the industry knowledge of our partner, combine this with our technology expertise, and create offerings that are innovative and results-oriented.   We then partner to take these solutions to market, with a shared revenue stream and joint responsibilities.  Rminds is already engaged in education, business insurance, health insurance, banking, transportation, legal, and retail.

Acquisition of Prabhas Technologies

Rminds, Inc. Completes Acquisition of Prabhas Technologies , based in Pune India to expand service and industry capabilities. Acquisition expands global technology footprint, and brings healthcare and insurance offerings in to Rminds’ entrepreneurial portfolio for small and medium-sized businesses. Rminds partners with small and medium-size businesses searching for ways to improve flexibility, approach new markets, increase revenue streams and reduce IT costs. This acquisition provides a strong background in healthcare and insurance to go with their abilities in manufacturing, oil and gas, and retail.

The firms’ combined technical and business delivery has been integrated and several clients are already benefitting from the expanded capability.

The Future’s so Bright…

Moving into the future, we’re expanding our delivery capability while expanding our involvement with entrepreneurs.  We’ve begun to mentor emerging companies, where the energy and enthusiasm are contagious.  We are actively looking for business partners in manufacturing, oil and gas, medical and other industries.  We’ve established partnerships in open-source and IoT technologies.  We are excited about the opportunities that technology can enable, and can’t wait to take the next step in our evolution.