Seamless Manufacturing Management System

Customer Relationship Management

  • Marketing Campaign Management
  • Customer Data Management and Reporting
  • Sales Management
  • Budget Management
  • Sales analysis by region, by sales rep, etc.
  • Statistical Analysis
  • Profitability and customer satisfaction
  • Order tracking, follow-up, Status

Integrated Data

  • Master data
  • Contact data
  • Transaction data
  • Payment
  • Online interaction
  • Web Integration


Contacts, Opportunities, Campaigns, and all sales activities are tracked at the front end of the process. Sales people can track opportunities, receive orders, review and share order status, and review customer activities, all in a single place. The data is updated real-time from the other modules, given your customer relations teams better insight and effectiveness.

Extensive Bill of Material (BOM) Functionality

Whether discreet or process assemblies, all of the materials and services required to complete the product are incorporated into the system.
The system is easily configurable to accommodate changes in the process, quickly adapting to changing technology. Flexibility is the key.

Complete Purchase Order Process

  • Automatic selection of vendors for RFQ
  • Possible traceability at Component level (optional)
  • Approval process based on roles
  • Automatic tracking of purchase order quantity
Receive orders electronically, submit RFQ responses(or develop your own), integrate orders into inventory and engineering automatically, and post information to your general ledger, all from a single system.  The system can review inventory for components of incoming orders and generate a replenishment activity if there are shortfalls.  The system is design to automate and simplify the entire process.

Custom Manufacturing Process Management


The system supports custom manufacturing processes, where customization or personalization steps are part of the engineering process.  Custom activities can also be time-boxed to reflect the development and delivery of orders, and this information is available to customer service as well as, optionally, to the end customer.

Quality Control workflow

Convert raw materials into finished products


  • Inspection/test results
  • Severity of defects
  • Work per work center/machine center

Use Cases

  • Product ready after assembly
  • Product return from customers
Seamlessly incorporate Quality into your process, with the same visibility into tasks, timing, resource management and issue resolution as every other aspect of the manufacturing process.


Invoices are automatically generated, with provisions for special processes such as “hold invoices”, prior payment, variable terms, and other options. Invoices can be generated immediately upon PO receipt, held until product ship, or somewhere in between(including partial invoicing). Customers can review online(optional), and customer service employees can access in the same system. Our system offers as single view of the truth across every business unit.

Finance modules

  • General ledger (GL)
  • Accounts receivable (AR)
  • Accounts payable (AP)
  • Legal consolidation (LC)
  • Accounting information systems

Cost accounting

  • Cost center accounting
  • Cost distribution
  • Activity based accounting
  • Product cost accounting
  • Profitability analysis

Project management

  • Define project
  • Determine work breakdown structure
  • Develop project networks
  • Project cost planning
  • Capacity requirement planning
  • Control project
    • Maintain project documentation
    • Project budget control


  • Cash management
  • Funds management
  • Treasury management