Digital Transformation

Making your digital business transformation a Reality!

Business leaders turn to Rminds for development of solutions for building the successful organizations of tomorrow. Our digital transformation consulting leverages a wide spectrum of digital technologies to help companies improve products and services, enhance customer experience, enter new markets, and increase revenues.

Unlocking the digital potential

With demanding customers at the center of today’s value chain, delivering engaging products and experiences is even more important. Rminds is working to improve existing business models, modernize IT Infrastructure and enhance customer experiences to drive business growth for our clients.

Rminds helps you engage customers by conceptualizing and building innovative new products and experiences, deploying go-to-market strategies and co-creating disruptive new business models. Our digital transformation strategists enable businesses to drive business growth, meaningful differentiation and real business value. We collaborate with the clients to co-innovate the products and services needed.

The result: Our clients can differentiate with the competition and seize the growth opportunities.

Rminds helps you improve your applications, platforms and infrastructure to meet the needs of a digital era by:

  • Simplify: Unlock value, rationalize and consolidate IT assets, streamline processes and align IT more closely to business goals.
  • Modernize: Increase reuse and integration between siloed systems to achieve performance and lean infrastructure by replacing, fixing or upgrading the products, infrastructure, and processes
  • Scale: Improve the scalability, agility and performance of your existing infrastructure to handle the business growth.
  • Secure: Managing risks across IT infrastructure effectively and fixing the vulnerabilities of legacy systems.

We categorize our digital transformation services as under:


Application Modernization Services

Our approach to Application Modernization is Business-Centric, Continuous and Multiplatform

Modernization of complex, aging application portfolios tends to focus on the old platforms rather than the most valuable capabilities. We help our clients to adopt a business-focused, multiplatform modernization strategy to maximize business value.


We believe that the modernization effort must be applied to the entire product/service our clients are working with. We perform in-depth analysis of your application portfolio. Our strategy provides clear roadmap including all phases involved, quick wins and best business value possible. Key to success is to understand if your problem is caused by technology, architecture or functionality of the application, and how each modernization approach improves those aspects.

Our Application modernization strategy covers below areas:

  • the migration of legacy applications to new applications or platforms,
  • integration of new functionality to provide the latest functions to the business.
  • Modernization options include re-platforming, re-hosting, re-coding, architectural changes, replacement and retiring the old infrastructure.

business consulting service


Our consulting improves business/IT performance through actionable insights and strategies. We focus on critical business priorities to achieve stronger business outcomes in a digital transformation journey your organization is going through. After the Initial current state assessment we provide in-depth insight on opportunities that fuel growth and improve performance of your IT infrastructure. We help businesses to align their technical strategies to business initiatives


As a result – Customers solidify the strategic decisions, achieve high business value, reduce risks, optimize costs and are ready to fuel business growth by embracing digital technologies.

 Infrastructure Support

Rminds Infrastructure support provides necessary agility and speed to ensure high available environment for your digital business. Legacy IT infrastructure and operations and traditional data center architectures are not sufficient to meet digital business demands. The IT infrastructure is a backbone of today’s business and needs to be supported by teams.

Our suite of infrastructure services covers Data Center, End User, Service Desk, Network, Cloud, System Integration, Infrastructure Engineering and Open Source Services.


 product development services

Design Thinking. Rapid Prototyping. Agility.

Rminds Strategy helps companies to seize the digital opportunity by incorporating the technological advancement into the business strategy. We define long term strategies that align the strategies with your vision and goals. We build and support the goals with integrated solutions. Our experienced team helps to improve product lifecycle management performance, increase efficiency and boost ROI for you.


Our Innovation and Product Development group focuses on providing strategy consulting services to transform existing products to enable business growth in the digital world. Rminds help our clients fulfill the business needs through design, development process. Rminds focusses agility to respond to changing customer needs by collaborating with architects, users, and infrastructure support teams.

 quality assurance services

Delivery quality through domain understanding and power of automation.

Rminds innovative testing services help testing organization be a partner for speed, agility, quality and business performance. Our high performance effectively comes through our industry knowledge, intelligent automation and digital innovations delivered through our global delivery centers.

We offer the entire breadth and depth of testing services across a variety of applications, digital technologies and industries delivered under flexible business models.

The essential components of our service are:

  • A structured testing service with our world-class testing methodology
  • Business centric Test Management
  • Our global delivery model combining testing professionals in onshore, nearshore and offshore locations with ability to scale up
  • Test Centers of Excellence for mobile testing, performance testing, security testing and many more..
  • Testing Metrics directly aligned with business objectives
  • Continuous improvement in all testing functions

Result: Reduced Time To Market, Increased Automation, Cost Savings & Increased Test Coverage

 Artificial intellegence services

Companies recognize AI’s strategic importance and its impact on their business, yet many are stalled in making it a key enabler for their strategy. Digital technology is reinventing how work is done today. As we understand there is significant unlocked potential in reimagining business processes that can utilize self-improving sensible procedures and large amount of data processing in real time. Many companies and their employees are planning to implement AI to future benefits of AI

Rminds currently focusses on the below AI technological areas:

business analytics 

Creating data driven environments

Rminds BI consulting and service makes it easy to instantly reveal business insights from complex & heterogenous data – any data source, any size. Implementing a business intelligence solution in your organization is about more than simply collecting additional data—it’s about converting this data into actionable insights.

The amount of data an organization can collect today from a variety of sources offers it the ability to see under the hood, understand which processes are working, and help teams prepare for future trends. Our Data analytics teams focuses on processing and performing statistical analysis on existing data sets. Analysts concentrate on creating methods to capture, process, and organize data to uncover actionable insights for current problems, and establishing the appropriate way of reporting the information.

Building an insight-driven Retail, Banking and Consumer Goods Business

We help consumer products and retail companies accelerate the building of an insight-driven business. Our unique approach provides quick business value leveraging data, analytics, and technology platforms to drive insights-driven transformation in sales, marketing, and supply chain. We analyze data generated from multiple customer touch points throughout the customer journey, providing actionable information to improve customer experiences, minimize customer attrition, encourage customer loyalty, promote customer acquisition, and grow share of wallet.

Analytics for Insurance

Rminds has helped large global insurers derive insight from their data and optimize claims as well as policy decision making by leveraging predictive analytics. Using analytics, insurance companies can reduce costs, minimize waste and improve profitability for claims.